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Parent Resources

Contacting the Department:

if you need to contact your social worker, or leave a message if your social worker is unavailable, follow the steps below to ensure your call is received.

  • Primary Social Worker: always attempt to contact your social worker first
  • Social Worker of the Day: if after attempting to contact your social worker, they are not available and you cannot wait until they become available, contact the main line and request to speak to the worker of the day.
  • Supervisor/Supervisor of the day: if you still have questions, need clarification, or your issue cannot be resolved, please contact the main line and ask to speak to your social worker’s supervisor, or the supervisor of the day if they are unavailable.
  • Office Location:
    • Address: 1000 S. Main St., Ste. 205, Salinas, CA 93901
    • Phone: 821 755 4475


Drug Treatment


Mental Health:

A family mental health assessment must be completed before receiving therapy, contact children’s behavioral health to schedule family mental health assessment (insert contact info for CBH)

  • Home Partners: This is a family preservation program which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, providing in home supportive services to families who have children who are at risk of out of home placement. This program involves direct crisis intervention and the direct teaching of parenting and problem solving skills. If you are interested in Home Partners discuss during your next Child and Family Team Meeting.
  • Wraparound: the wraparound programs are strength based, family driven, flexible and creative, with the goal of helping the family develop the skills and supports to prevent or reduce the possibility of residential placement of their child.
  • Mobile Response Team: This team responds to calls in schools, homes, youth centers, and other community locations to respond to any youth actively experiencing a crisis. The crisis response team is an on call unit of mental health professionals providing crisis intervention to youth experiencing an immediate crisis.
  • CBH Locations for Salinas and South County
    • Crisis Support Phone Number: 831 755 4111
    • Salinas Locations:
      • 951 Blanco Circle, Ste. B, Salinas, CA 93901
      • 1000 S. Main St., Ste. 210B, Salinas, CA 93901
    • South County Locations:
      • 359 Gabilan Dr., Soledad, CA 93960
    • CANS: CANS is a multi-purpose tool developed for children’s services to support decision making, including level of care and service planning, to facilitate quality improvement initiatives, and to allow for the monitoring of outcomes and services.


Domestic Abuse/Intimate Partner Violence

  • YWCA Monterey County: Legal advocacy program provides immediate and long term safety for survivors of domestic violence by assisting with family law matters such as:
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Civil harassment restraining order
  • Cease and desist letter
  • Divorce
  • Child custody

In addition, court accompaniment with a legal advocate is provided for survivors who received assistance from a legal advocate for restraining orders. The legal advocate will provide guidance and support through the court hearing process. Legal advocacy is provided at no cost by appointment. Appointments are available in our Salinas location and can be made by calling the administrative office in Salinas.

  • Website:
  • Address: 11 Quail Run Cir., Salinas, CA 93901
  • Phone: 831 422 8602
  • Community Human Services: the domestic violence/anger management program at Community Human Services is a probation certified treatment program for court-referred domestic violence offenders or self-referred individuals seeks treatment for anger management.
    • 52 Week Domestic Violence Intervention Curriculum
    • Alternative, brief treatment program for anger issues (12-week commitment required)
    • Programs for both men and women in English and Spanish
    • Counseling conducted in a group setting by a trained facilitator
    • Click Here, or call 831 658 3811 for additional information.



  • CHERISH Too: if you have a visit at CHERISH Too, and need to contact CHERISH Too staff, call 831 998 9025
  • Visitation Guide in English / Visitation Guide in Spanish
  • To cancel or reschedule a visit contact main line for Family and Children’s Services at: 831 755 4475, Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM.


Dependency Court Information


  • PEG (Parent Education Group) – Parent Education Group (PEG) is a 10 week psychoeducation group designed to help parents understand and navigate the reunification progress, as well as understand the mental health needs of their family. The group is facilitated by a reunification social worker and a therapist. If you are interested in participating, speak with your social worker who will complete a referral on your behalf to this group. This group is currently offered via Zoom.
  • Child and Family Team Meetings: CFT meetings are held at least once every 3 months. It is important that caregivers attend the CFT meetings or find a representative who can attend in their place.
  • Contact Seneca Family of Agencies at (831) 455-9965 to speak with the assigned facilitator.
  • Contact Door to Hope at (831) 758-0181 if you need your caregiver mentor to support you or represent you at the CFT meeting.
  • Network Building information: If your child is placed into Foster Care, their Social worker is required to find and engage with the child’s family members. It is important to provide any names of relatives who might be willing to remain connected to your child while in foster care. Please reach out to your social worker for more information.
    • What is Family Finding and Engagement? Several advocates have definitions of Family Finding and Engagement, including:
      • “The practice of rigorously searching for and engaging extended family members and other supportive adults to establish an enduring support network for children”(FFE Collaborative Team)
      • “Intensive relative search and engagement techniques to identify family and other close adults for children in foster care, and to involve them in developing and carrying out a plan for the emotional and legal permanency of a child” (For more information, go to Child Trends to find the Research Brief.(PDF file))
      • “An intensive search method to find family members and other adults who would like to step in and care for children and youth in foster care who lack permanency” (For more information, go to Children’s Defense Fund.(link is external))


Parent Education

  • First 5 Monterey County
  • Parents as teachers: Parents as Teachers is a family education and therapy program for parents and their children. The program was founded on the belief that parents serve as a child’s first and most influential teachers and that effective parenting during a child’s early years builds a lasting foundation of success in school and life. For more information, contact Door to Hope, MCSTART Program.
  • Nurturing Parenting Program: is an evidence based program that focuses on positive parenting skills for parents of children ages 0-12.
    • Address: Community Human Services, 1083 S. Main St., Salinas, CA 93901
    • Phone: 831 658 3811
    • Website:
  • Strengthening Families: is facilitated through Partners for Peace
  • DAISY Program: is facilitated through Community Human Services
    • Address: Community Human Services, 1083 S. Main St., Salinas CA 93901
    • Phone: 831 658 3811
    • Website:
  • Circle of Security: is facilitated through Door to Hope’s MCSTART Program


Legal Resources:

  • Victim Witness
  • Requesting a Police Report: Copies of reports may be requested from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, with the Request for Release of Information or Solicitud Para Obtener Informacion forms (found at the website below).
  • Restraining Orders: For additional information on how to file for a restraining order, go to:
    • For restraining order assistance please contact the Self Help at (831) 647-5800 x3005 or email your name, telephone number, and court case number (if you have one) to Staff will be able to assist you on the phone with the preparation of your documents. If you already have a completed restraining order you may come to the clerk’s office and drop it off at the clerk’s window. Limited staff working in the clerk’s office will be able to accept a completed document and will not be able to confirm it is filled out accurately. For review and assistance please contact the Self Help Center at (831)647-5800 x3005. Restraining Orders may also be filed electronically. You may select an E-File service provider of your choice, many of whom are listed on our website at this link. There you will find useful instructions as well as at File @ Home.
    • For restraining orders, the following link may be of assistance to you: File @ Home
    • PAPER OPTION: Use the Basic Domestic Violence Request Packet. This “Quick Start” Basic package will let you fill in the forms on your phone/computer and then print out. (Option – use the full packet on the Forms page)
    • Print your completed forms and mail or drop in the drop box or bring for in person filing to Monterey Superior Court at 1200 Aguajito Road, Monterey, CA 93940 or place in the Monterey Courthouse Court Drop Box in the patio area before the courthouse steps.
    • This Basic Packet was designed for protection for you and up to 3 other persons. It does not include a request for support, debt or property control orders. We also have a Response Packet available.
    • The “Quick Start” Basic packet makes it much easier to fill out your forms, because the forms are engineered to use the information you type in every place it is needed. There are also comments on the forms to give you tips (Green Question Marks) and prompts for areas on the forms to fill out. You will only be filling in the:
    • Quick Start Page
    • CLETS-001 Form
    • Request for DV Restraining Order DV-100 (and attached requests for children)
    • There are 2 versions – click here for Basic Packet with Custody/Visitation Orders and click here for Basic Packet for No Children or No Custody/Visitation Orders.
  • Resolving Warrants: If you failed to appear for a court appearance, a warrant of arrest may have been issued for your immediate arrest. In addition to a warrant issued for your arrest, other actions may have taken place as a result of your failure to appear:
    • The forfeiture of your bail or bond, if applicable, and/or
    • A hold may be placed on your driver’s license by the DMV, resulting in an inability to renew your license and/or a suspension or revocation of your licensing privileges, if applicable.

Contact the Clerk’s Office to reschedule your case for court. *Important: if you have a warrant outstanding for your arrest, and you have scheduled a court date, the warrant will remain outstanding until you appear in court, and you may still be subject to arrest by any law enforcement agency. For information on posting bail, you may contact a bail bondsman or the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office regarding this procedure.

If you do not post bail, there is no guarantee when you appear in court that the Judge will release you on your own recognizance; you may be remanded into the custody of the Sheriff’s until bail is posted. Click here for information on posting bail.

Court Clerk Contact Info – Open Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM: