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Adopt a child from foster care

If you live in the Monterey County and you are open to both adopting and fostering…


The first step is to get approved as a Monterey County Resource Family.

Once you are approved, the expectation is that you will be available to foster, and your goal to adopt will be embraced and considered throughout the process.



Do I always need to foster before I can adopt?

Most adoptive placements start in foster care. In a small number of cases, children can be adopted more readily where the birth parents’ parental rights have already been terminated. The expectation is that you will be available to foster, and your goal to adopt will be embraced and considered throughout the process.

When a child is placed in foster care, the social worker and the Resource Family work together to reunify a child with their family while at the same time exploring other permanent options. This “concurrent planning” process helps prevent a child from moving from place to place until the best decision is made. As a Resource Family seeking to adopt your foster child, you will need to keep an open mind about where the child will finally be placed. Relatives or near-kin will also be considered for placement and adoption.

What is Foster Parenting?

It is caring for a child until his or her parents can resume responsibility or until a permanent home is identified. Foster parenting is a commitment to help a child through a difficult period. It’s a job for people who can provide love, guidance and support to children. Resource Families who are fostering work with social services staff to reunite the child with their family or to transition the child to an adoptive home.

Who are the children

Over 400 children in Monterey County’s child welfare system require temporary out-of-home care due to parental abuse and neglect. The largest percentage is Latino children. The children are of all ages and varying needs.

How long will a child stay?

Resource Families provide day-to-day foster care for children from several weeks to much longer periods of time. Each case is very unique and varies in length of placement with a Resource Family.

Can I still work?

For working parents appropriate child care arrangements must be made by the Resource Family. You are also expected to provide or arrange for transportation for the child to and from required therapy, medical or visitation with their family.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal process that creates a new and permanent parent-child relationship. Adoption provides the adoptive parents all right and responsibilities of a legal parent, and gives the child legal right and responsibilities of a family member. Monterey County works with children who are relinquished or placed through the county welfare system.

What is the cost of adopting a child from foster care in Monterey County?

If you go through the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process with Monterey County, you will incur a one-time agency adoption fee of $500 however most of this expense can be reimbursed after the adoption is finalized.

How long does the process take to adopt from foster care?

Case varies and is dependent on the individual case of the child you may be adopting. A child must be in your care for 6 months before a finalization can occur.

What is the Adoption Assistance Program?

The Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) provides needed financial and medical assistance to families who are willing and able to assume parental responsibility for eligible foster children. Anyone can apply for AAP regardless of income.

What post adoption services are provided?

Our commitment to our adoptive families extends after adoption. We assist families in finding services they may need such as counseling and special medical treatment.

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